Grand Rasoi

Restaurant GRAND RASOI closed

Unfortunately, we are closing our restaurant after six years

It was a beautiful ride .. we opened the restaurant with love and an open mind, we went for our dream and even at a time that did not wish us a restaurant, we tried to improve. We changed the concept toward what we believed. Unfortunately, the last two years have been really tough. We have therefore made a difficult decision and are closing.

We would like to thank everyone, especially the most loyal customers, and that you were! We will never stop appreciating it!

BUT, WE ARE OPENING SOON OUR RESTAURANT IN ANOTHER PLACE IN PRAGUE. Dear guests, we hope you will stay with us

We also thank all our co-workers we have had over the years - Grand Rasoi, thanks to you!

Slevomat is active until 30-6-2022 in the same place